COVID-19 Update

Vehicle preparation


At Kincraig Motorhome Hire we believe that every customer deserves a clean and well-prepared motorhome. Moreover, we want to reassure our customers that their motorhome is a safe environment in which to travel, rest and play. With the advent of Covid-19, we have introduced the following measures:- a new Personal Protective Equipment policy for cleaning which includes the mandatory wearing of face masks and gloves, Hand sanitiser for staff and customers. All external handles are disinfected prior to handover For the safety of customers, we are temporarily suspending the provision of bedding and towels. The interior of your motorhome will be fully sanitised.

Sanitisation Cleaning a surface with soap and water will only move microscopic health hazards from one place to another. Disinfecting, sanitising and germ killing is entirely different. In addition to conventional cleaning methods, the interior of our motorhome is now fully sanitised between rentals using Steri-7 Room Sanitiser, a disinfecting mist that is sprayed throughout the cab and habitation area, killing viruses and destroying bacteria. It is a food grade product which provides ongoing protection for up to 7 days.